About Us


Orchard Inn was founded in 1971 by Gideon and Susan Stoltzfus. Gideon worked for 25 years in the surrounding orchards before purchasing the land from Kauffman’s Fruit Farm, which was ideally situated for a small country inn. At the time, few hotels existed in the Lancaster area, which gradually become a source of reprieve for weekend travelers from New York, Washington, D.C., and Philadelphia. Gideon envisioned a place of quiet comfort for guests who came from all parts of the world who would visit Lancaster County and the Amish community. Susan’s and Gideon’s strict Amish background precluded TV and radio in the rooms, which were finally renovated in 2005.

All six of their children, raised across the street, worked at the Inn for varying times, adding a sense of warmth as lasting friendships were forged among returning visitors from all walks of life.

Today, we continue the tradition of hospitality begun 45 years ago by Gideon and Susan. The Inn is still owned by Susan  and managed by her son.  We continue to value our many guests who come to Lancaster County each year. We always want Orchard Inn to be a place of relaxation and restoration, and we  look forward to welcoming you.